Valkyrie operation

"The traitor's family will be eradicated until the last member," he shouted among Himmler applause.

"Don't look the other way if you face injustice. But sometimes I reveal my feeling that says "tiè, Hitler, take that". They failed to cancel the Stauffenberg family: five children, twelve grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren ». Konstanze von Schulthess

Wolfsschanze Gierloz Poland75 years have passed since the bomb in the Wolfsschanze. At 75 years from 20 July 1944 a new biography of von Stauffenberg critically reviews the figure, raises doubts about the conspirator: he was a former Nazi, he was never democratic. It is by Thomas Karlauf and contradicts with his biographical work «Stauffenberg. Porträt eines Attentäters» other authoritative colleagues: Joachim Kramarz, Christian Müller and Peter Hoffmann, but this is not all.

In the early fifties, while the ex-Nazis were making a career, the conspirators of July 20 were still talking about being traitors paid by foreigners. Then the wind changed.

In 1952 the Braunschweig court declared the moral and ethical legitimacy of the Resistance; for the first time the conspirators were acquitted of the high treason charge. Ernst Reuter, burgomaster of Berlin, and president Theodor Heuss, declared themselves in their favor.

Suddenly Stauffenberg became positive for the Germans. The Resistance began to function against the thesis of collective guilt.

But it was not until 1983, and Kohl's "moral turn", so that the Germans could become aware that their history was burdened with heavy omissions.

Thus in reading the rhetorical attempts, the quotations, the revisionism present in this recent biography do not escape.

She is the same granddaughter Sophie Freifrau von Bechtolsheim, who "opens our eyes". When in a long article in «Die Zeit» he complains to Karlauf of methodology, interpretation of sources and an unscrupulous and selective use of quotations.

Above all it attacks the author's basic thesis:
"Killing a tyrant can only be an act of conscience".
He concedes that his ancestor's ideas do not coincide with those of a modern-day democrat, but this does not authorize Karlauf to deny that the July 20 conspirators acted out of moral impulse.
That of the Valkyrie operation, according to the historian, is an individual and solitary process, which brings each of the protagonists, all with cultural backgrounds and very different company ideas, to a common decision. And anyway, he adds with a legitimate point of poison, "the first to deny that the conspirators acted for reasons of conscience was nothing less than Hitler himself, when after July 20 he spoke of a" small clique of ambitious and unconscious officers " ».
This, concludes von Bechtolsheim, is not a family matter:
"If we did not contest Karlauf's theses, we would undermine the legacy he left us on 20 July 1944".


L'attentato che il colonnello Stauffenberg esegue contro Hitler, sfortunatamente rivelatosi poi un fallimento. 
La Storia Siamo Noi conduce Gianni Minoli con - Cristoph Von Tresckow.

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