An Italian blitz

"I want to go to Linate... I don't want to see anyone for miles... I have 50 children hostage... it's full of diesel. "

At the US they would have been helicopters, airport and highway closure and evacuation, 14 idiot negotiators fighting each other, 400 SWAT armed with bazookas; that as soon as possible murdered the driver and so they kill six children and a teacher. The bus catches fire and 19 others die.
Follows Preventive war to a random nation.

In France instead: they discover that the fact is true when the bus is now in Linate and has crashed an airplane during landing. They begin to argue over who has territorial jurisdiction, the judge calls Macron, who phones to his image consultant, who calls the judge...
Meanwhile, the fool breaks through in front of the airport, overwhelms four police officers, the others open fire and everyone in the bus dies riddled.

In Russia or Israel, not even talking about it.

How proceed in Italy? An unarmoured Renault Clio of the Carabinieri station of San Donato Milanese alongside the running bus.
On board there are a "Appuntato, a Carabiniere and a Carabiniere Scelto", all with a wife and children at home.
Normal people, poorly paid, from some southern Italian villages and stationed in a small suburban station.

We are not talking about "Tuscania, GIS or naval raiders".

They are the classic Italic male that when he sees "è criature" in danger he becomes Schumacher aboard an enhanced "Fiat Punto".
They steer in front of the bus and crash into. The bus stops.
The "appuntato" goes down and shows fists to the psychopath - who had prepared himself by watching American films and remains confused.
Meanwhile the other two force the back door, they smash through the window and pull the kids out.
The madman finds out, but when he restarts the bus the last little boys rush out into the running.
So he is caught, pulled and brought to the center alive and well.

This happens because in Italy people do not do what you tell them, even when they are threatened by a knife. Because we are a country of anarchists where a 10-year-old child steals you and uses your mobile.
Because a 40-year-old professor cannot put the straps on the kids' wrists.
Because the Carabiniere, while listening to the kidnapper, thinks "but fuck you, now I'll show you".

And here is the result: the kidnapping with attempted massacre solved in twenty minutes and a dozen bruises, four punches to the driver and a bus on fire. All alive.
In front of such a result, the other FF.OO. of the world, they should not applaud, they should start studying !!!

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